Types of Commercial Door Locks

Modern commercial door locks have redefined the way business owners used to secure their properties. The rising scenarios of unauthorized access and misuse of confidential data have necessitated the need for various types of commercial door locks to implement sure-shot security mechanisms and grapple with challenges at large scale. 

Commercial door lock types have eliminated the need for physical keys. They enhance safety, provide audit trails, and offer flexibility in access control. Whether it’s a multinational company, retail store, real estate office, or government building, smart locks are a valuable addition to any commercial property. You are advised to choose a lock with the appropriate grade and installation method based on your specific requirements.

This detailed blog makes you familiar with the types of commercial door locks. 

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What are the Types of Commercial Door Locks?

There are several types of commercial door locks available in the market. You can choose the ones as per your requirements and after consulting a commercial locksmith for an impeccable security solution. 

Take a look below: 

Wireless Locks

Wireless Locks

These locks operate without electrical wiring, as they use internal batteries and connect wirelessly to access control systems. They facilitate keyless entry and perfectly integrate with existing security systems.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical Knob Locks

These are among the most commonly used commercial locks. Installed by boring two circular holes in the door, they come with a range of features, functions, grades, styles, and finishes. 

Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks

These are even more durable and stronger than cylindrical locks. They need a pocket in the edge of the door where the lock case is fitted. These are considered suitable for official properties with high footfall of employees.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

These locks serve as a supplement to cylindrical locksets, and they help strengthen security against break-ins. You can get them installed in doors with standard bore holes. These are even apt for residential properties. It is noteworthy that grade 2 deadbolts can bear up to 400,000 cycles and 250 lbs. 

If you wish to install them for home security, you can seek assistance from professional residential locksmiths in your area. 

Keypad Entry Systems

Keypad Entry Systems

Restaurants and retail stores generally use keypad entry systems, which eliminate the use of keys and enable easy access management. It can be simply checked who entered and at what time with the help of an audit trail. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic Locks

These locks minimize the need for physical keys, and they serve as a secure, non-keyed solution. They often include a cylinder or key override.

Cylindrical Knob Locks

Cylindrical Knob Locks

These locks are not that common due to accessibility requirements. They are recommended for openings not required to comply with ADA standards.

Smart Locks for Restricted Access

These locks are the best integration of technology with security. They are operated through smartphone apps and offer remote access which means you can lock and unlock the door while sitting anywhere away from your property. They feature keyless entry, remote unlock, and real-time reporting so that you can track each and every activity related to the lock. They come in modern, sleek design and complement the overall interior aesthetics of your property.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

These are centralized systems that are used to manage access for multiple users. They provide flexibility and security, especially in larger commercial spaces where access is provided to authorized individuals. For e.g., biometric scanners are one of the most popularly used access control systems. They help authenticate access for an individual with the help of their characteristics or attributes that are already recorded in the system as a template. 

So, these are some of the major commercial door lock types. You can explore and shortlist the ones to finally select the best one. 

You can contact a professional commercial locksmith for the installation of the most suitable commercial door lock type. Consult them about your security needs and let them suggest the required solutions for your business property.

Even if you wish to change the commercial door locks installed at your official building, expert locksmiths can simply do it all for you. 

Commercial Glass Door Lock

Here are some of the major locks available for glass doors that are commonly known as storefront doors. 

Hook Bolts

These are mostly used for sliding storefront doors. They are also popular in case of mechanical applications.


These are also commonly used locks and are usually seen on storefront doors. They work in coordination with a push paddle given on the inner part of the building. When the push paddle is depressed by someone, a deadlatch retracts from the frame. This enables a person to leave freely.


These traditional locking hardware door locks are generally used for high-use doors that need to remain locked from the outside. People who are inside can leave without making use of a key.

Thus, you can choose from any of these commercial storefront door lock types as per the applicability in your business store. 

Why Do You Need Commercial Door Locks?

Commercial door locks play a crucial role in ensuring safety, security, and compliance for businesses. 

Let’s explore why they are required:

Emergency Preparedness

In emergency situations like fire, natural disasters etc., commercial door locks allow quick and safe exit for everyone, be it employees, customers, or visitors. Thus, properly functioning locks ensure efficient evacuation. 

Enhanced Security and Asset Protection 

Commercial door locks are designed to withstand break-in attempts and meet specific building and fire codes. They offer advanced strength and durability, and thus, are ideal for securing offices, retail spaces, hospitals, and other business properties. These locks provide instant protection against unauthorized entries, thereby highly safeguarding confidential information and valuable assets.

Reduced Reliance on Master Keys

Using a combination of grade one and two locks eliminates the requirement for a master key or a universal credential system. This enhances security and simplifies access management.

Thus, commercial door locks are essential for legal compliance, emergency handling, and safeguarding people and property. You are advised to prioritize installing locks that adhere to regulations and promote safety. 

Well, there could be ad hoc security issues at your business property. Thus, you can contact emergency locksmiths who operate 24X7 and have a quick response time. 

Concluding Thoughts

The rising need for commercial door locks is a result of their robust security features, versatility, and ability to meet the demands of modern businesses. Especially at places where confidential data or information related to government research labs is stored, it becomes utmost important to secure the whole system. 

Commercial locks are usually more sturdy or robust than those used for residential properties. A combination of commercial door lock types can be installed to enhance security. Using several grade one and two locks may eliminate the need for a master key. Also, keyless methods are most commonly used, as they provide instant protection against unauthorized entry. 

Thus, always bear in mind that choosing the right commercial door lock system is essential for protecting your business assets and restricting access to sensitive information. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

You may find answers to some of the most common queries asked by users with respect to commercial door locks. 

What are commercial door locks?

Commercial door locks are locksets that are graded for commercial use. They are made of robust material and ensure enhanced security to protect human resources, assets, and confidential data. If you need high-security commercial door locks, you must go with grade 1 or grade 2 locks.

What are different types of commercial door locks?

Wireless locks, cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks, deadbolt locks, electronic locks, cylindrical knob locks, smart locks, keypad entry systems, and access control systems are some of the major types of locks used in commercial properties.

What are different types of locks & access systems for commercial doors?

Electronic locks, mortise locks, cylindrical locks, deadbolt locks, and magnetic locks are some of the commercial door lock types, while keypad entry systems, key fobs, key cards, smart access control systems, cloud-based access systems, and commercial video intercom systems are some of the access systems used for doors in business properties.

What is a commercial grade 2 lock?

Grade 2 locks are the most appropriate choice for commercial buildings with normal traffic or footfall. These locks have to go through a test of 400,000 opening and closing cycles, 4 strikes to the door with a hammer and a 250 lb. weight measurement, in order to be qualified for an ANSI Grade 2 rating.

Are commercial door locks different?

Commercial locks are different from residential locks because they need to handle the unique demands of various businesses like retail stores, government labs, real estate buildings, corporate structures etc. Also, they are specifically designed to handle complications that usually arise in commercial properties.

What is a mortise door lock?

A mortise lock is used for commercial doors. It needs a pocket or a mortise to be cut into the edge of a door where the lock case is fitted. This type of lock has more durability and offers enhanced security than a cylindrical lock. Besides, it can handle high traffic.