Privacy Policy

Keysnlock is engaged in offering modern locksmith solutions to help you deal with challenges arising out of security concerns related to your residential and/or commercial properties. Even in case of emergency lockout scenarios, our team works 24X7 to assist you. 

We acknowledge how important your privacy is, and we’re dedicated to protecting the same with every possible means. This Privacy Policy explains in detail how we gather, utilize, share, and protect your personal data when you interact with our website or avail our services.

We gather and manage personal details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and in certain circumstances, financial information, whether it’s for the installation of new security systems or emergencies such as lockouts. Because of this, having a stringent Privacy Policy is essential to fostering trust and assuring that the information of our customers and users is secure.

Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable while associating with us. We stay committed to customer satisfaction by being open and honest about how we handle your personal information. Enabling credibility and highlighting expectations for privacy practices, this Privacy Policy acts as a contract between Keysnlock and its users.

Another major objective behind putting this policy in place is to reflect our dedication in upholding relevant legal requirements and safeguarding the interests or preferences of our clients. It contributes to our reputation as a reliable service provider, instilling confidence in our clients to entrust us with their personal data.

Read Our Privacy Policy in Detail.

  • We need to collect basic user profile information from our website visitors. Besides, we need the following additional information from our authorized customers:
  1. Names, address, phone number, and email address
  2. Nature and size of the business 
  3. Nature and size of the advertising inventory (that the related customer needs to purchase or sell)
  • It could be necessary for us to provide our connected agencies and outside partners with aggregated data about our visitors and certified customers, which may include their demographics. Besides, we provide you with an option to “opt out” of hearing from us or any agent working on our behalf, as well as to stop getting information from us, for your convenience.
  • We use cookies to gather data with respect to the choices and preferences of our visitors. You may choose to have your name, email address, and other details saved in cookies whenever you post a comment or submit something on our website. This option is provided for your convenience so that you don’t have to enter your information on our website every time you post a comment. Apart from this, we place a temporary cookie if you log in to our website with your account. This helps us find out whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not comprise any personal data. It is removed when your browser gets closed.
  • Cookies may be used by us for a number of purposes, including affiliate marketing, providing adverts based on your interests and preferences, optimising and customising your browsing experience, monitoring website analytics, preserving your preferences and settings for later use, and commenting on our website. When the site is unused for more than fifteen minutes, for instance, and a customer is logged in, we will automatically log them off.
  • Keysnlock does not gather any personal information from children who are below 14. We request you to keep a check or monitor the online activities of your children. You are recommended to inform us immediately if you believe your children have provided such information on our website. We shall take prompt action to remove the same. 
  • We operate marketing emails and campaigns to promote our products and services. We enable you to remain on our email list or to unsubscribe from it so as to stop receiving our promotional emails. You need to check the box to subscribe if you wish to provide your consent to receive emails, updates, messages, marketing materials, and any other website-related material. Certain important information including email message, email address, and replies may be stored and retained for communication purposes between you and the recipient. We do not exchange, sell, or disclose your email address with third or external parties. Stay relieved as all such materials are kept confidential.
  • We may collaborate with some advertisers so that they could display ads on our website. It is necessary to note that our advertising partners will have their own Privacy Policy and can use cookies with web beacons. Thus, you are suggested to take a complete look at their Privacy Policy and read the instructional information provided about opting out of certain services.
  • Keysnlock may establish and maintain relationships & connections with several suppliers for its operations and associated activities. In order to assess a customer’s eligibility for services, these suppliers might need access to some personally identifiable information. The release of this data happens in accordance with legal requirements. However, it may be noted that this Privacy Policy does not cover their acquisition or use of this data. It may also be highlighted that when a court order or request for information from a law enforcement agency comes up, we need to share the personally identifiable information. This information or relevant details may also be shared with other agencies if it seems to be reasonably required.
  • It is recommended that you frequently review our Privacy Policy so as to stay updated and use our services accordingly. Any amendments to our Privacy Policy will be posted on the website to notify both customers and website users. 
  • You are highly recommended to collect all the relevant details and share privacy concerns, if any, while discussing your requirements with our experts. This helps our team to proceed according to your requirements while delivering services.

Do You Have Any Concerns Regarding Our Privacy Policy?

We strive to operate in a clear and transparent manner, as we acknowledge the significance of protecting the privacy of our customers and visitors. If you have any queries or you feel there is something to be discussed, please get in touch with us for a mutual conversation.