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A unique approach to locksmith solutions, competitive pricing, and transparency in our services have all helped us get established in Virginia Beach city in the state of Virginia. We believe security concerns are rising day by day because of the increasing cases of thefts, crimes, burglaries etc. Thus, if you are looking for technologically empowered solutions designed by a specialized locksmith Virginia Beach, don’t forget to contact us.

We make sure to conduct background checks of all our locksmiths. They have been serving customers in the city for many years. Their expertise, adeptness to use modern techniques, and readiness to adopt new measures as per the cases of individual clients have brought recognition to Keysnlock locksmith Virginia Beach services. 

You must stay assured of quality services, as we maintain a vast repository of major tools. Thus, our locksmiths in Virginia Beach carry a well-stocked set of equipment that ensures easy installation and repair services for all types of locks. Even if it’s about tackling emergencies whether in residential properties, commercial buildings, retail stores, small business, or vehicles, our 24-hour available locksmiths arrive at the location within a short duration. 

You can read about the different types of services offered by our each and every expert locksmith Virginia Beach VA.

Keysnlock Residential Locksmith Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Here are some of the residential locksmith services we provide in Virginia Beach city.

Keysnlock Residential Locksmith Services in Virginia Beach


If you are locked out of your home, our professional locksmith can help you regain entry inside quickly and efficiently. 

Lock Rekeying by Our Residential Locksmith Virginia Beach VA

Rekeying a lock is about changing the internal working system of a lock so that it can work with new keys. Old keys cannot be used anymore. You can get locks rekeyed if you wish to keep using old locks. 

Lock Repair and Replacement

Our locksmiths can repair or replace damaged locks, thereby ensuring your home remains safe and protected. They can also install new locks in your home or apartment. You can also seek assistance for installation or replacement of high-security locks, as per your requirements. 

Window Lock Installation and Repair by Our House Locksmith Virginia Beach VA

Windows are also one of the access points. Thus, it is necessary to secure their locks. Seek assistance from our locksmiths for installation and repair of their locks.

Key Cutting and Duplication

Our locksmiths can proficiently cut new keys for your home. You can also get copies made for your use. It becomes convenient to give spare keys to a family member or a reliable person and then can access your home in your absence. 

Master Key Systems

A master key system is necessary if you own a huge building or a large residential property with multiple entry points. It involves opening multiple locks through one key. 

Garage Door Lock Repair and Replacement

Contact our locksmiths for repair or replacement of damaged garage door locks. They carry all types of required equipment for these purposes. 

Smart Lock Installation

Our locksmiths can install and completely set smart locks at your home. Demand for smart locks has witnessed a sharp rise due to increasing criminal cases of intrusions and forced entries. They work in compatibility with your smartphone or other devices.

Commercial Services by Keysnlock Locksmiths Virginia Beach 

A Keysnlock commercial locksmith Virginia Beach VA can help you with the following services to protect your business space from unwanted access. 

Commercial Services by Keysnlock Locksmiths Virginia Beach

Lock Installation, Repair and Replacement

Contact our commercial locksmiths for installation of new locks, be it high-security options, so as to put in place all the necessary measures to keep your official space safe. You can also get damaged locks on doors, gates, and other entry points repaired and replaced. 

Master Key System Implementation by Keysnlock Virginia Beach Locksmith 

No doubt, master key systems are extremely important for businesses with multiple access points and organizations with high-level confidential data. Different levels of security clearance for employees or personnel are operated at their buildings. Thus, a master key system must be defined to allow one key to open multiple locks. This is a fruitful measure that helps streamline access control, thereby enhancing security. So, let our experts make the modern master key systems for you.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Keysnlock locksmith skilfully works on installing these systems which are everywhere in use, especially at commercial buildings or multi-national companies. Using electronic key cards, fobs, or biometric scanners, these systems help you allow access to authorized employees only. Unlike traditional keys, they offer a higher level of security and can be simply integrated with other security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarms etc.

Keypad Entry Systems by Keysnlock Locksmith Virginia Beach VA

These systems are used at most of the business properties. You can call our commercial locksmith for their installation, as they allow authorized personnel to enter inside. The personnel need to enter a code to unlock doors. Thus, it eliminates the need for physical keys. 

Safe Services

Our locksmiths can help you with safe services, be it about installation or repair of locks, opening locked safes, or combination changes. Thus, you can easily store your important documents and valuables.

Door Closers and Hardware

Our commercial locksmiths can install door closers that ensure proper closing of doors. They can also repair and replace these components like handles, exit devices, knobs etc., thereby ensuring complete functionality of commercial doors. 

Lockout Situations

Our locksmiths diligently handle lockout situations. They can quickly help an employee regain access to their respective department using modern tools and techniques. Thus, they ensure minimal disruption to the routine operations of your business. 

Security Advice 

You can hold a deep discussion with our locksmith for assessment of your commercial property and recommendations for implementing enhanced security measures. They will analyze each and every area and access points of the property and then suggest a well-formulated security plan to install or replace locks.

Commercial Mailbox Services  

We understand that maintaining the privacy of your business correspondence is extremely important for you. Our commercial locksmiths can help you with lock installation and repair for all types of commercial mailboxes.

Keysnlock Automotive Locksmith Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Here are some of the services offered by a Keysnlock car locksmith in Virginia Beach.

Keysnlock Automotive Locksmith Services in Virginia Beach

Unlocking Car Door by Our Same Day Locksmiths Virginia Beach VA

This is one of our most common services. If you have got locked out of a car, you can call our auto locksmith. They will help you regain access using specialized tools and techniques. Believe us, their meticulous techniques will not cause any harm to the door of your car. 

Trunk Unlocking by Keysnlock Best Locksmith in Virginia Beach 

There could be situations when you lock your keys in the trunk. Thus, our automotive locksmith can help you access it efficiently within no time.

Lost Key Replacement

Fret not if your car keys are lost or misplaced. Connect with our auto locksmith for creation of new keys for your vehicle. They will either use existing key codes or apply advanced methods such as transponder chip programming to get the job done with perfection. 

Broken Key Extraction 

What happens when your key breaks in the ignition or lock?  Nothing happens, as a Keysnlock locksmith takes care of such a complicated situation. They can safely extract the broken piece and create a new key so that you can drive again easily. 

Spare Keys by Keysnlock Locksmiths in Virginia Beach

You must have spare keys with you as they will be helpful in case of lockouts. Also, they can be used to handover to your relative or friend who may need to drive your car in your absence. Contact our locksmith to get additional keys made at an affordable cost. 

Ignition Repair and Rekeying by Our Automotive Locksmith Virginia Beach 

You may find that the ignition switch of your car is not functioning properly and you face difficulty while turning the key. Thus, our locksmith can assess the problem and repair or replace the ignition switch, as per requirement. 

You can also get car locks rekeyed. It means changing the internal mechanism of the ignition and making new keys for them. Now the old keys cannot be used. Thus, it’s fruitful if you doubt someone has a duplicate key to your car. 

Key Programming by Keysnlock Locksmith in Virginia Beach 

Our locksmiths can program transponder chip keys and other latest key types so that they perform fine with the immobilizer system of your car. 

Remote Key Fob Repair and Replacement

If your key fob is not working fine, our locksmith can check and repair the same. You can also get it replaced, if necessary. 

Door Lock Repair and Replacement by Our Affordable Locksmiths Virginia Beach VA

Our auto locksmith Virginia Beach can fix or replace damaged car door locks, thereby ensuring their proper functioning.

Emergency Services by Keysnlock Locksmith in Virginia Beach VA

Emergency locksmith services cater to urgent situations that occur unexpectedly and need to be dealt with prompt actions. 

Emergency Services by Keysnlock Locksmiths Virginia Beach

Thus, Keysnlock locksmiths ensure ready availability and reach your location quickly for instant assistance for the following:

Residential Emergency Services by Our Mobile Locksmith Virginia Beach 

  • Lockout Assistance
  • Lock Repair after Theft or Burglary 
  • Broken Key Extraction and Door Repair
  • Garage Door Lock Repair
  • Window Lock Repair 

Commercial Emergency Services by Our 24 Hour Locksmith Virginia Beach

  • Business Lockouts
  • Rekeying Locks 
  • Commercial Lockout Service
  • Safe Opening Service
  • Cabinet Opening Service
  • Commercial Mailbox Opening
  • After-hours Security 

Automotive Emergency Services by Our 24 Hour Locksmith Virginia Beach VA

  • On-road Car Lockout Assistance 
  • Rekeying Locks 
  • Lost Key Replacement
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • Ignition Repair

These are some of the major services offered by our local locksmiths Virginia Beach VA. However, always remember that our locksmiths are versatile in their approach and can also offer customized solutions to your issues. So, you can call and discuss your problem with our Virginia Beach locksmiths and get suitable measures implemented on an immediate basis.

What Makes Keysnlock the Best Choice for a Virginia Beach Locksmith Service?

We are committed to serving you with honesty, and we vouch for what we guarantee to deliver. Here’s how we are the best choice for you:

Stringent Selection Criteria

We follow a stringent selection process to hire the best locksmiths in our company, as we aim to deliver best results for all your security concerns. With a proper mechanism in place, we compare their candidature based on standard parameters that exist in the locksmith industry, and hence, ensure that the ideal locksmiths get engaged with us. We also follow a proper system to conduct their background checks so as to avoid any discrepancies in future.

Well-trained Professionals

Our locksmiths undergo a comprehensive training procedure to work as professionals in their domain. They possess specialized knowledge and skills to handle various lock and key situations. 

Proper Techniques

Our locksmiths are familiar with different lock mechanisms, security systems, and the latest tools and techniques, and thus, they can efficiently resolve your complications. They make sure not to cause any damage to your property. 

24X7 Availability

Key and lock related emergencies can arise any time. Thus, we offer 24X7 services, and our professionals make sure to arrive at your location quickly without any delay. Be it scorching heat in the noon or you are on road during midnight, they ensure delivering swift services, thereby relieving you from troublesome situations at the earliest. 

Custom-made Solutions 

Keysnlock locksmiths offer a wide range of services. Their expertise goes beyond basic lockout or key replacement situations. They can handle a number of complex situations like safe opening, rekeying locks, installing security systems, and more. You can also discuss your particular requirements and they will suggest what goes best for your property. Thus, they offer comprehensive and customized solutions to help you keep your valuables safe and secure.

Insurance and Certifications

All the locksmiths engaged with Keysnlock are insured and certified by established security authorities. They carry proper documentation as a proof and comply with standard insurance requirements to maximize the potential of coverage.

Advice on Enhanced Security Measures

Keysnlock experts offer astute advice on how you can augment the overall security of your home or business property. They conduct an assessment session and consider various parameters as per the industry to come up with an opinion on covering multiple entry points located at your property. All such steps culminate into a well-planned strategy to strengthen security measures for your residential and commercial spaces. They can also help you with modern car related security systems. 

Are you still thinking further? End your search here!

Avail the advanced Keysnlock locksmith solutions for augmented security and stay stress-free all day and night.  

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