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Security of homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles is one of the major factors that needs stringent measures to prevent the loss of life and property. Thus, it is important to install high-tech locks, and that’s where it also becomes necessary for you to know about the types of keys.

Not all keys are created equal. From the usually installed pin tumbler key to the complicated dimple key, various key types offer different levels of protection against unauthorized or unauthenticated entries.

Understanding different types of keys is beneficial, as it enables you to choose the right key system for your home, business, and vehicle.

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Types of House Keys

There are various types of keys for residential properties. Some of them are described below. 

Types of House Keys AI

Pin Tumbler Keys

Used commonly in residential properties, these keys have a flat edge with notches that are cut out at different depths. The notches are set corresponding to pins inside the lock cylinder. The pins line up and allow the lock to turn when the correct pins are inserted.

Abloy Key 

These keys are Known for their unique design and high security. In fact, they are difficult to duplicate. They are used to unlock disc tumbler locks. When the key is inserted, it rotates the lock’s internal discs. The lock opens when the key is suitably aligned. 

Lever Keys

Lever keys are not that common as pin tumbler keys. Still, these are preferred in some residential and commercial properties.

These keys contain a flat blade with a series of angled cuts along the edge. These cuts are set in corresponding positions to levers inside the lock cylinder. The levers line up and allow the lock to turn when the correct key is inserted.

Dimple Keys

It is more difficult to pick these keys, and hence, these are being constantly used nowadays. Dimple keys contain a wavy surface with dimples cut into it. The dimples are set in a way that they correspond to pins inside the lock cylinder. So, when the correct key is inserted, the pins line up and allow the lock to turn.

Tubular Keys

These keys are made small and round in shape. There is a series of pins running along the length of the key. The pins correspond to pins inside the lock cylinder, and when the correct key is used, the pins line up and make the lock to turn.

High-security Keys

High-security keys are typically used in homes and businesses that require a high level of security. These are the most difficult to pick or copy. They may have a variety of features like laser-cut edges, internal channels etc. 

Magnetic Keys

These keys use magnets to unlock doors. The magnet inside them makes tumblers in a lock to get aligned aptly and then the lock opens. Magnetic keys may be found on a great variety of locks like deadbolts, cylinder locks, lever locks etc.

Electronic Keys

These keys are not physical keys. They are electronic devices that can be used to open locks. Electronic keys can be fobs, cards, or even smartphones. They are becoming increasingly popular because they are more convenient than traditional keys and can be programmed to work with specific locks.

Cylindrical Keys

Cylindrical keys, also known as tubular keys, are used in some residences. They are typically used for interior doors where high security isn’t a major concern, such as bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and interior closet doors. They can also be found in cabinets and mailboxes.

They are small, thin, and round with a series of pins along the length. These pins correspond to pins inside the lock cylinder, and when the correct key is inserted, the pins line up and the lock opens.

Are you shifting to a new house? Are you planning to elevate the security of your existing house? Then you must be looking for residential lock installation, repair, or replacement services. Thus, it is best to connect with a residential locksmith in your city, as they are industry experts. They can assist you in choosing the best key and lock systems for your house, apartment etc. You can also take price estimates from them about the installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Types of Lock Keys for Commercial Doors

Commercial buildings need a fine balance between security and access control. Most of the official properties are found using these keys, as these setups consist of multiple access points, which increases the risk of intrusions.

Types of Door Lock Keys

Commercial doors can utilize a wider variety of keying systems. Here are the main types of keys found in such business settings:

Master Key Systems

These systems consist of various levels of keys. A master key can open all locks within the system, while individual keys might only open specific doors. This provides hierarchical access control, which is in fact suitably designed for buildings with different security zones.

Keyless Entry Systems

These systems remove the use of physical keys altogether. Access is granted through electronic methods like key cards, fobs, smartphone apps etc., with digital keys. This enhances security by eliminating the risk of lost or copied keys and allows for easier access control changes.

Restricted Key Systems

In these systems, all locks share a common key but cannot be opened by standard house keys. This offers better security than standard keys while allowing easy access for authorized personnel. 

High-Security Keys

These keys are designed for maximum security and are often used in areas requiring stricter access control. They may have complex structures, intricate cuts, or even need additional verification steps like a PIN code.

It may be mentioned that commercial locksmiths operating locally in your area may be contacted for best advice on choosing an appropriate lock system for your business property. 

Types of Car Keys

There are several types of car keys. Each offers its own degree of security and functionality. Take a look below.

Traditional Metal Key

This is the most basic type of car key. It has a grooved metal blade that physically unlocks the car door and turns the ignition. These keys are simple and inexpensive, but they offer the least security.

Transponder Key (Chip Key)

Transponder keys offer more security than traditional keys because they can’t be used to start the car without a proper chip. These are a regular metal key with a microchip embedded in the plastic head. The chip transmits a unique signal to the car’s immobilizer system. The car starts if the signal matches. 

Remote Key (Fob Key)

Remote keys are convenient, but they don’t usually have a physical blade for unlocking the door or starting the car. They contain buttons that can lock and unlock the car doors remotely. Some remote keys may also have extra features like trunk release, panic buttons etc. 

Switchblade Key (Flip Key)

This key combines a traditional metal blade with a remote key fob. The metal blade folds into the body of the fob when not in use. Switchblade keys offer the convenience of a remote key with the backup of a physical key.

Smart Key (Keyless Entry)

Smart keys use a combination of radio waves and proximity sensors to allow you to unlock and start the car without ever taking the key out of your pocket or purse. They offer ultimate convenience. However, they can be the most expensive to replace if they are misplaced or lost.

Valet Key

This is a special type of key that allows you to give your car to a valet or parking attendant without giving them access to the trunk or glove compartment. Valet keys are typically a basic metal key with fewer features than a regular key.

If you are doubtful about the keys you are using or need a piece of advice, you must contact automotive locksmiths in your city. They are professionals and can guide you on choosing the best keys to secure your vehicle.

Why Should You Know About Types of Door Lock Keys?

Knowing about door keys is important for various reasons shared below. 

Safety and Security

Security is your foremost priority. Thus, understanding different key types and their strengths and weaknesses helps you choose the suitable ones that are perfect for your needs. Stronger keys make it harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access into your house or business property. 

General Knowledge

Keys are a basic part of physical security, and understanding them is practical knowledge for everyday life. It can come in handy in various situations, from renting an apartment to borrowing a car.


As already said above, different key types offer their own levels of protection and convenience. Like, a smart key for your car lets you unlock it without taking the key out of your pocket, while on the other hand, a traditional metal key requires you to insert it physically. So, you can decide if convenience matters to you the most and you are ready to spend more for it, you are good to go. 

Emergency Lockout Situations 

If you ever get locked out, knowing about key types can help you identify the kind of key you need for a locksmith expert or identify if there’s a spare key option (like a hidden key box).

How to Choose the Best Keys?

Choosing the best key for your house or commercial doors depends on several factors. Here are some factors you must consider. 

Level of Security

You need to check the level of security whether standard or high required for a specific zone in your residential space and commercial property. When it comes to exterior doors (front and back doors), no doubt, security must be high, as these are the main access or entry points for any individual. 

High-security keys like dimple keys or restricted key system keys offer greater protection against lock picking and bumping compared to standard pin tumbler keys.

Door Type

If you have a solid core door, a high-security key is an even better investment. Solid core doors provide better security than hollow core doors.

Number of Doors

If you have multiple entry or access points, you may consider a keyed-alike system where one key opens all your doors. This is much more convenient than carrying multiple keys.

Keyless Entry

For ultimate convenience, especially for busy households, you can check keyless entry systems with keypads or smartphone apps. These systems actually eliminate the risk of lost keys.

Cost of Key

High-security keys and keyless systems typically cost more than standard keys. If you are switching from a standard key system to a high-security one, you may consider rekeying all your locks. Rekeying means you can keep using your existing locks, but will be provided with new keys to open. The internal mechanism of locks is modified so that they cannot be opened using old locks. This is in fact more affordable than changing the entire lock system.


You are advised to conduct full research and choose keys made from strong materials like brass or nickel-plated steel to resist wear and tear.

By considering these factors and consulting a locksmith professional if needed, you can choose the best key for your house and commercial doors. A residential locksmith assesses the security needs of your house and advises the best key type for your doors.

Similarly, a commercial locksmith may be approached for advice on choosing a suitable key system for your official setup. 

Concluding Words

Selecting the ideal key for your doors could be a bit challenging. When it comes to houses, you need high-security keys or keyless entry for convenience, especially if you have multiple access points. 

On the contrary, business or commercial spaces need to strike a balance between security levels for different areas and access control for employees. Here, keyless entry with digital credentials offers control and eliminates the need of managing physical keys. 

Then came the car keys. These keys have evolved with emerging needs of people due to risk of thefts etc. So, you can explore transponder keys or smart keys for enhanced security and the absolute convenience of keyless entry and starting. 

Whether you need a house key, commercial door key, or car key, you are advised to contact locksmith experts in your city for best recommendations. They examine your house, business property, and vehicle so as to suggest the best key that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.


What are the different types of house keys?

Various house door keys are corrugated key, flat key, spool key, tubular key, dimple key, jagged key, sidebar key etc.

What are the different types of commercial locks?

Electric strike, keyless entry, restricted locks, smart locks, keypad locks, and magnetic locks are some of the major commercial door lock types.

What type of keys do cars use?

Traditional key, transponder key, smart key, and switchblade key are some of the commonly used car key types.

Which key is known as master key?

A master key helps open all the locks that are there in a set. Each and every lock also has its own separate key.

Can the master key open every lock?

Yes, a master key can unlock all the locks in your commercial setup or house, provided the locks are assigned to it in the key locking system.