How to Unlock a Bedroom Without a Key

Haven’t we all experienced key loss at some point or the other in our lives? We surely have! It’s definitely an annoying situation. Especially, when we are all set to take a nap in daytime, find a peaceful corner to read, or need to sleep at night, losing the key to the bedroom becomes all the more frustrating. In fact, we don’t also have spare keys handy most of the time. 

So, what to do? Well, such tasks are handled by professional residential locksmiths who help you get relieved from a lockout situation. But you can also apply some methods at your own end. 

All you need is to use some apt tools and techniques to unlock the bedroom’s door without damaging it. Read further and discover. 

Effective Techniques to Open a Room Without a Key

Take a look below.

Lock Picking  

You can use the lockpicking method by using a lockpick set which is available at most hardware stores or you can find it on online platforms. You may also need a tension wrench but this is optional. 

You need to insert the lockpick into the lock’s keyhole and then use the pick to push against the pins inside the lock (lifting them up to the shear line where all the pins meet). Now turn the tension wrench (if it’s being used) to rotate the cylinder and open the lock.

In case you haven’t got a tension wrench, you can use your fingers to apply soft pressure on the lock while turning it. Make sure not to force the pick, as this can damage your lock.

Removing Door Hinges

This is also one of the methods you can try. A screwdriver needs to be kept between either the top or bottom knuckle of the hinge and the pinhead. Then you need to tap the screwdriver handle with a mallet. Now it must go downward. This will loosen the pinhead and you can remove the pin and store it carefully. Now when all the pins are removed, you can push to open the door.

Using a Master Key

If you have a master key, you can insert it into the lock. Turn the key in clockwise direction until it clicks. If the lock still doesn’t open, turn the key in counterclockwise direction and then again in clockwise direction.

Lubricate the Lock 

Sometimes, the lock may get jammed. So, you can lubricate it by spraying a small amount of oil into the keyhole. Then you need to wait for a while. It lubricates the pins of the lock that might be dry. So, you can try opening it later. 

If you still don’t achieve what you need to, it’s better to call a residential locksmith professional to open the lock. 

Use Bypassing Method

If you have a credit card or a similar tool, you can use it to unlock the bedroom. You can also use a screwdriver in this case but it’s optional. 

You need to insert the credit card into the keyhole and push it against the pins, which must rise to the shear line. Then softly lift each pin while turning the door handle.

In case of a disc tumbler lock, you can use a screwdriver to remove any visible screws or covers that may be holding the lock in place.

Once you are successful in using the bypass technique and the lock opens, you need to remove debris or pins from inside the lock mechanism.

Using a Screwdriver

Take a small screwdriver and press it into the hole of the doorknob. This must be done in a straight line. Now the door lock needs to be twisted so that it can open. 

You must check what type of screwdriver is suitable for your bedroom’s lock. Keep it at home in advance so that you can use it in times of emergency.

Using a Knife

Slide your knife at a place between the door and the jamb to open the lock. You need to do this with some pressure on the door. But maintain a balance as harsh pressure can damage the lock or door. 

Concluding Words 

Unlocking a bedroom in case of a lockout situation definitely takes time and demands accuracy on your part. Be careful about your door and lock systems whether you use a lockpick, master key, or bypassing methods. It takes skill and dexterity to unlock a lock without a key, so be patient and take your time. However, it is advised to seek help from a well-qualified locksmith expert, if you are not confident about unlocking the bedroom using such techniques at your home. In fact, improper ways of unlocking the bedroom could also damage the lock. 

You must always have spare extra keys at your home. But if you want to have easy access in times of such urgent scenarios, you may purchase an emergency lockout kit that includes necessary equipment like tension wrenches and lock picks.

Related FAQ’s!

Some of the major queries related to unlocking a bedroom without a key are addressed below for your consideration. 

How do you open a room without a key?

If you lose the key to your bedroom, you can use a lockpicking or bypassing method. You may also use a screwdriver or a knife to unlock the door. Make sure to perform such techniques carefully so that they don’t damage your door or lock.

What is lock picking technique?

Lockpicking is one of the effective techniques used by locksmith professionals to unlock a door. If you get caught in a lockout situation and you don’t have a spare key, you may call a locksmith to help you get inside your house or office. However, lockpicking techniques are also negatively used by thieves and burglars to gain forced entry into residential and commercial properties and even steal vehicles.

Does lockpicking hurt the lock?

If lockpicking is done at home, it may damage the lock. But if you are smart enough to use this technique at your own end, you are good to go.

What to do if you lock yourself out of your bedroom?

You need to be sure that you are using the right key to unlock your bedroom. If not, the key is either left inside the bedroom or it’s lost. You may try finding a spare key. If it’s also not there, you can use lockpicking or bypassing techniques or use a screwdriver to open the lock. If everything fails, you must contact a locksmith expert.