Commercial Door Problems

Commercial doors need regular repair and maintenance so that they keep working intact. Moreover, business spaces are swarmed by many individuals on a daily basis, and thus, they are vulnerable to forced entry attempts or intrusions. It’s important to take swift action if any issue occurs in locks or any other functioning of commercial doors. 

If you also operate an official building, a retail store, a library, or a huge setup with confidential operations, read through this write-up to familiarize yourself with potential problems in commercial doors that need to be addressed without any delay.

Commercial Door Problems to be Resolved Without Delay 

Here are some of the most common commercial door problems that may need repair. 

Broken Locks

You must check the condition of locks, as they need to be repaired or changed if they are broken, corroded, worn-out, or damaged.

Misaligned Tracks 

Most of the commercial doors glide on metal tracks that enable them to open and close. The door does not function properly when these tracks are broken or misaligned. Furthermore, if the corrosion worsens over time, the tracks may not be even repaired. The entire track might need to be replaced if the damage is significant. Thus, you may also seek professional help by contacting a commercial locksmith expert in your area.

Damage from Springs and Cables 

The movement and flow of your commercial door may be affected if its springs and cables do not function as required. You can minimize friction by lubing the springs frequently and adjusting the tension of the cable as necessary. You are advised to implement a timely maintenance plan so as to check the state of springs and cables. This helps ensure long-term durability and the door problems may not get worse.

Door Warpage

Warpage may occur in doors that are exposed to extreme weather conditions, thereby leading to a number of problems. For example, you must have seen wooden doors becoming overly wet or metal doors getting affected due to the harsh summer heat. Thus, such a warped door needs to be replaced. Else, you may seek advice from a business locksmith specialist to undertake measures and prevent such situations.

Stuck or Jammed Doors

Doors may become jammed due to worn-out hinges or damaged door sweeps. So, the hinges need to be adjusted or replaced. Frames can be realigned or the door sweeps can be replaced. 

Damaged Door Panel

Panel forms the face of a commercial door. If the panel gets damaged, it loses its lustre gradually, or it gets dented, you need to think about its replacement. But the good part is that only one panel needs to be replaced. You can avoid the hassle of having your entire door replaced. Rest you can always get in touch with a commercial locksmith professional for the best solution.

Malfunctioning Door Closer

The mechanism that handles the swing of a door is called a door closer. It is designed in such a manner that it enables the door to close smoothly and keeps it from opening too far. A door closer’s latch speed needs to be properly set to ensure that the door closes all the way without crashing shut. So, if there are issues in a door closer, it needs to be checked, and it may require replacement as well. 

Problem in Automatic Door Operators

These door operators may malfunction due to broken gears, misaligned door tracks, or faulty sensors. So, the sensors can be adjusted, gears can be replaced, or door tracks can be realigned. 

Apart from the issues described above, there may be other problems such as malfunctioning panic bars, worn-out pivots and hinges, damaged thresholds, and faulty electrical sensors, which may prevent your commercial doors from functioning smoothly. Hence, it is best to consult a commercial locksmith expert to ensure the long life of your commercial doors. 

Concluding Words

Issues like damaged swings and cables, worn-out locks, malfunctioning panic bars, damaged thresholds, faulty electrical sensors, door warpage, worn-out pivots and hinges, dented panels etc., are common in commercial doors. However, a timely check and regular maintenance can help prevent these issues. Prompt repair is immediately required upon detection of any issue, as it helps ensure safety, security, and accessibility in commercial setups. 

Such tasks are diligently handled by commercial locksmith specialists. So, you may get in touch with a professional who can help you with repair of your commercial doors and can also provide you with a well-strategized plan for their maintenance. This will definitely save you time and money.

Related FAQ’s!

You are advised to go through the following queries that are usually asked regarding common problems in commercial doors.

What are some common commercial door problems to be aware of?

Commercial doors often stop functioning properly due to worn-out hinges and pivots, problems in automatic door closers, issues in electrical sensors, gaps around edges, dented panels, door warpage, and other such issues.

Why is my commercial door not closing properly?

You need to get it checked by a commercial locksmith professional. There may be debris in the hinges or strike plate. If it has a door closer, there could be a potential issue that is preventing it from closing properly.

How do you maintain a commercial door?

You must keep the door dry, don’t leave it propped open, paint and seal the door, lubricate the door’s hardware, inspect its track alignment on a regular basis, and service its torsion springs.

What makes a door commercial grade?

Commercial doors are manufactured with special hardware and design so that they can endure extreme temperatures, variations in climate, and pressures. However, their life or durability also depends on the kind of material used.

What is the most common type of door frame in commercial buildings?

Most of the commercial buildings that use door frames are made of steel. However, they may be painted using a particular color as per the choice of the property owner.