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Keysnlock locksmiths are actively engaged in serving the requirements of home, business, and vehicle owners with custom solutions. Our team is well conversant with the rising security concerns in the Brooklyn borough of New York city. If you wish to hire a professional locksmith in Brooklyn for any type of key or lock issue, keep our contact number handy to avail swift assistance. 

We focus on installing high-security systems for both small and large residential and commercial premises, along with modern cars and other vehicles. Additionally, our experts also diligently serve specific needs of clients with tailor-made services. They have expertise in using all the relevant tools according to the type of installation, repair, and replacement work.  

Residential Locksmith Services

Take a look at some of the common problems that are addressed by our residential locksmiths

Residential locksmith brooklyn

Lost keys

If you have misplaced or lost your house keys, our locksmith can create new keys for you or replace the old ones.

Broken, worn-out, or damaged locks

Our locksmith in Brooklyn can assess the condition of locks if they are broken or damaged. They can repair or replace them accordingly using the latest tools.

Are you locked out of your home?

If you have locked yourself out of your residential property, our locksmith can help you gain access without damaging the door or lock. We provide 24 hour emergency assistance for such cases. 

Keyless entry systems

Our locksmiths can install, repair, and upgrade these systems to ensure your home is secure.

New lock installation

If you are moving into a new house, our locksmith can install new locks that suit the best to your property’s needs. 

Locked mailbox

If your mailbox or post box is locked, our locksmith can help you gain access to your mail and the material kept inside. 

Safe installation 

Our locksmiths can install safes according to your needs. If you need to change the combination of your safe, they can reset the code and ensure your valuables are secure. You can also seek consultation about our safe maintenance services. 

Lock rekeying

Our locksmith can rekey your current locks and provide you with new keys to work with them. This totally nullifies the use of their old keys as they don’t remain effective after the locks get rekeyed. Rekeying is useful in case you doubt that someone else had your old keys. Besides, this is also a major step towards enhancing security. 

Panic room lock installation

Huge houses or residential properties may need to install a panic room lock. Our locksmith may be contacted for the same.

Security assessment

Our locksmith may be called to conduct a security assessment of your home. This helps you identify potential risks, weaknesses, or loopholes. Thus, their recommendations for security enhancements may be implemented.

High-security lock installation

Our residential locksmith in Brooklyn can skilfully install high-security locks absolutely as per your needs. 

Door hardware installation

You can also seek advice for installation of new door hardware like handles, hinges etc., from our locksmiths. They can help you choose the right type of hardware and install it proficiently.

Security advice

Our residential locksmiths are always available to provide consultation services that help you improve the security of your home. Moreover, if you reside in a bungalow or a huge property, they can help you install smart security systems and take other high-tech measures for foolproof security. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

These are some of the major issues for which you may need assistance from our commercial locksmith in Brooklyn. 

Lost or misplaced keys

If you’ve lost or misplaced your office keys, a commercial locksmith can help you create a new set or replace the old ones.


If you or any employee gets locked out of the office, our locksmith can unlock the door to enable your access to the premises. You can also seek advice from them on how to prevent lockouts from occurring in future. Thus, you can tell them to create spare or duplicate keys for you so as to handle such events.

Access control systems

Our locksmith in Brooklyn NY can suggest and install the suitable access control system for your business property. These systems may include digital keypads, biometric scanners, iris scanners etc., which help authenticate the access of an individual. Thus, they allow or reject their entry based on certain defined parameters or criteria. This is a highly secure way of ensuring access to authorized individuals.

Issues related to file cabinets or drawers

If your file cabinets or drawers are locked and the keys are misplaced, our car locksmith in Brooklyn can unlock the same without causing any damage. Thus, you can gain access to your important documents and files.

Broken or damaged locks

If your office locks are corroded, broken, or not in fine working condition, you can contact our 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn to repair or replace them. This ensures the security of your premises and adherence with the defined security regulations.

Master key system installation

Do you wish to install a highly secure master key system for your office? Don’t forget to contact a Keysnlock locksmith. They can diligently analyze the requirements of your property and the way you want it to be. Hence, you may look forward to custom-made solutions. 

High-security lock installation

Get high-security locks like digital locks or biometric locks installed in your official setup to boost security. Our locksmith in Brooklyn can help you choose the right type of lock and install it skilfully.

Key card system installation

If you need to install a keycard system in your office, contact our locksmith as they can help you choose the right type of system and install it for you.

Panic room lock installation

Do you need to install panic room locks for your office? Call our locksmith in Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY for these services.

Recovery services after intrusions 

If you have experienced an intrusion or break-in attempt and the locks are broken, you can connect with our locksmith for emergency services. They can reach your location spontaneously and efficiently restore the key and lock systems.

Digital lock installation

Are you looking for a Brooklyn locksmith expert to get digital locks installed in your office? You can get in touch with our locksmiths. They can assess your needs and help you select the right type of digital locks that are strongly recommended in the modern scenario. 

Lock repair and maintenance

Our locksmiths also offer regular maintenance and repair services. You must avail the same in order to ensure the smooth working condition of your commercial locks and other security systems. Timely repairs save you from spending heavy amounts later.

Safe combination changes 

If you have forgotten the combination to your safe and need to access the safe, our locksmith can help unlock the same. They can also reset the code, thereby ensuring the safety of your valuable documents, cash, assets, etc. 

Security assessment

Do you wish to conduct a security assessment of your office? Call our commercial locksmith near Brooklyn as they can help you take note of the potential weaknesses and suggest ways to improve the overall security. This may also include recommendations on locks, cameras, and other security measures.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Some of the major issues for which you may need to hire a Keysnlock automotive locksmith are described below. 

Car lockouts

Our auto locksmith can help you gain access to your car without damaging the door or lock.

Broken or damaged locks

Our locksmith can assess the condition of broken, worn out or damaged locks of your car. Thus, they can repair or replace them to ensure the smooth running and security of your vehicle.

Ignition problems

If the ignition of your car is not working properly, our locksmith can diagnose and repair the issue without any delay. 

Trunk lockout

Not only vehicle lockouts you can also face problems like trunk lockouts etc. You can contact our locksmith to unlock the trunk so that you can take your belongings out. 

Misplaced keys 

If your vehicle keys are lost or misplaced, our automotive locksmith can immediately provide you with new keys. 

Issues in ignition lock cylinder 

If your car is not starting, there could be issues in its ignition lock cylinder. You can get it checked and repaired instantly by our Brooklyn locksmith. 

Lock repair 

Our professionals can repair and replace any part of your vehicle’s lock mechanism, as per requirements.

Keyless entry system installation

Do you wish to install a keyless entry system in your vehicle? Don’t forget to call our locksmith. You can have a detailed discussion with them on selecting an appropriate system that goes well with your vehicle. 

Transponder key programming

If your car supports the feature of working with a transponder key, our locksmith can program this key for you. If you are already using this key and it has got some issues, you can avail our reprogramming services. 

GPS tracking device installation

Installing a GPS tracking device in your vehicle is also recommended. You can share your concerns with our locksmiths in Brooklyn NY and they can help you explore the best GPS systems for your vehicle. Then you can select and get the most suitable system installed. 

Panic button installation

It is beneficial to install a panic button in your vehicle, as you can press it to inform people about an emergency situation. Call our locksmith to install the same in your car. 

Car security alarm system installation

Car alarm systems are crucial for your vehicle, as they indicate about a theft or break-in attempt into your car. Contact our locksmiths for their installation, repair, and maintenance. 

Remote start system installation

Are you in search of an automotive locksmith for installation of a remote start system in your vehicle? Leave it to our experts and let them undertake this task. 

Emergency Locksmith Services

Each and every Keysnlock emergency locksmith in Brooklyn is well-trained and can adeptly handle any issues arising in residential properties, including homes, bungalows, apartments, and condos; commercial properties including retail stores, corporate buildings, and government centers; and vehicles including cars, bikes, and trucks.

Here are some of the major scenarios when you can expect a Keysnlock emergency locksmith to reach your location without any delay. 

Emergency lockout assistance 

Whether you are locked out of your house, business premises, or vehicle, look no further! Always remember, our emergency locksmiths are at work 24/7 and can reach your shared location anytime, any day. Thus, call them to unlock the door and regain access to your property or vehicle. Thus, you can continue with your routine operations. You can also ask for some useful tips to ensure that such situations do not occur in future. 

Lost or misplaced keys

Have you lost keys of your residential property, commercial store, or vehicle, don’t panic! Our emergency locksmiths can design new keys on the spot to enable convenient access for you.

Broken or damaged locks

Our emergency locksmiths can be immediately called to repair or replace such locks to ensure your property or vehicle is secure.

Post intrusion and break-in repairs

If there has been such an unfortunate incident or an attempt to break into your house, office, or vehicle, you can contact our emergency locksmith professionals for immediate lock repair and replacement services. This must be done on an urgent basis so as to restore security. Our locksmiths can also advise you on augmenting the security and taking high-tech measures for the same. 

Please bear in mind that you need to hire a reputable and licensed locksmith in Brooklyn, New York to ensure your tasks are being handled by trustworthy professionals. Thus, Keysnlock serves as your reliable partner. All our locksmiths are licensed and have received certifications from relevant organizations. 

Whenever you contact our residential, commercial, automotive, or emergency locksmith, you will find that they act with a fast response time. They are dedicated to serving you in times of crisis so that you can be relieved from distressing scenarios as soon as possible. 

Questions You Must Ask Our Locksmith Experts

Your safety and security are our top priority. That’s how we aim at achieving customer satisfaction. Thus, when you call Keysnlock for any services, never hesitate to ask questions or clear your doubts before availing our services.

This will help you stay clear about our services and you will stay assured that your security issues are being handled efficiently. 

What is your experience with handling the specific service?

Whichever service you wish to avail, whether it’s for your home, apartment, car, or official property, you can enquire about their experience in handling the type of services you are looking for. 

What is your licensing and certification?

It is necessary for locksmiths to operate with proper licenses and certifications. Thus, you can ask our locksmith professionals about such matters.

What is your payment structure?

You must have a clear understanding of our payment structure, as this ensures that there is no hidden cost revealed after the specific service is completed. You can also ask about the price estimate.

What is your response time?

You can definitely ask about our response time i.e., the time our locksmiths will take to reach your location.

What is the guarantee on your services?

This is also one of the major concerns that makes you familiar with the warranty on certain products used by our locksmiths during some repair, replacement, or installation work.

How do you handle emergency situations?

You can ask about our modus operandi to handle emergency situations occurring in your home, office, or vehicle. This question is a must as emergencies are critical and need urgent attention. 

So, these are some of the major queries you may raise before our locksmith professionals before they start their job. 

Contact Keysnlock now for your key and lock related needs! 

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