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Keysnlock is a modern locksmith services company offering impeccable solutions for all your security needs. If you are looking for a locksmith Addison in Texas, you can contact our professionals to get custom-made solutions for security of your residential property, commercial setup, and vehicles.

It may be highlighted that Keysnlock professionals are hired after they go through a stringent background verification process. They are also licensed and insured. This helps you count on us for high-quality services. 

Go ahead and discover our services in detail.  

Residential Locksmith Services 

Here are some of the major services offered by our residential locksmith Addison TX.  

Residential Locksmith Addison TX

Broken Keys

Our residential locksmith can extract the broken piece and create a new key to regain access to your home. A broken key in the lock can damage it, thereby making it extremely difficult or impossible for you to unlock the door. 

Lost Keys

We understand that losing a key can be a significant security concern, as unauthorized individuals might find and use it. Our locksmith Addison can rekey the lock, ensuring that the lost key no longer works and providing you with new keys. 

Lock Malfunctioning 

Locks can become jammed, stuck, or difficult to operate due to wear and tear, damage etc. Our locksmith near Addison TX can repair the issue using the latest equipment. 

Lock Upgrades

Our locksmith in Addison TX can assist you with upgrading your locks to more advanced models, such as smart locks or high-security options. This helps provide better protection for your property.

Smart Lock and Keyless Entry Issues

If you face severe problems with your smart lock or keyless entry system, our Addison TX locksmith can help resolve the same with immediate effect. 

House Lockouts

Our residential locksmith offers prompt services to help you regain access to your property without causing damage to your lock or door.


If you have shifted to a new home, our Addison TX locksmith can rekey the locks or provide new keys to work with them. They change the internal mechanism of existing locks so that they cannot be opened using their old keys. 

Commercial Locksmith Services 

Take a look at the types of services provided by our business locksmith in Addison Texas.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Our commercial locksmith Addison TX can rekey the locks or provide you with new high-security keys. 


Our locksmiths can repair these issues, hence ensuring smooth access control for your employees and customers.

Upgrading Security

Our commercial locksmith can assist you with upgrading your locks to more advanced systems like access control systems, electronic locks, keyless locks etc. You can share your specific concerns and get appropriate solutions designed for your benefit. This helps in better protection for your business assets.

Business Lockouts

Commercial lockouts can result in downtime and lost productivity. Our Addison TX locksmith locksmith offers modern services to help you regain access to your business premises. 

Master Key Systems

Our commercial locksmith Addison can design, install, and maintain such systems, allowing you to control who has access to specific areas within your business.

Exit Device and Panic Bar Issues

If you face issues with exit devices or panic bars, our commercial Addison locksmith can inspect, repair, or replace them as per the necessary standards.

Safe Services

Safes are essential for storing valuable items or sensitive documents. Our cheap locksmith Addison can assist you with safe installation, opening, or repair services, within an affordable price range. These services are designed to ensure your valuables remain safe and secure all the time.

Automotive Locksmith Services 

Here is how our car locksmith Addison TX can assist you. 

Automotive Locksmith Addison TX

Lost Car Keys

Our automotive Addison locksmith can provide new keys. Be it any key type, you may have your issues addressed. You can continue using your vehicle without any further complications.

Broken or Stuck Keys

Our Addison auto locksmith can extract the broken key piece and provide a new key.

Car Lockouts

Our automotive locksmith Addison TX offers services to unlock your car without causing damage to the lock or your vehicle.

Ignition Repair or Replacement

Our Addison Texas locksmith can assess and repair the issue or replace the ignition system, allowing you to start your vehicle again. All such solutions are customized by our locksmiths in Addison. 

Transponder Key Programming

If you need a new transponder key or have issues with an existing one, you can contact our automotive Addison locksmiths who can program it to match your vehicle’s security system.

Car Door Lock Repair or Replacement

Damaged door locks can lead to malfunctions, making it difficult to lock or unlock your vehicle. Our automotive locksmith Addison TX can repair or replace the locks. 

Remote Keyless Entry Systems: 

If you are looking for the best locksmith Addison to resolve issues like remote unlocking, remote not working etc., our automotive locksmith can repair the problem. This enables you to use these convenient features again.

Emergency Locksmith Services 

Our emergency locksmiths work 24/7. You can contact them any time in case of the following issues. 

Home Lockouts

This is one of the most common reasons to call our emergency locksmith. It gets stressful when you by chance lock yourself out of your house. Our locksmith can quickly reach and help you get back inside your home. 

Commercial Property Lockouts

Lockouts in businesses and commercial properties cause disruptions in daily operations. Our emergency locksmith can promptly reach your location and help you regain access to your business premises.

Vehicle Lockouts

Our emergency locksmith can unlock your vehicle without causing damage to the locks or your car.

Burglary or Forced Entry Attempts 

If your home or business has experienced a break-in, it’s important to secure the premises immediately. Our emergency locksmith can assess the damage, repair or replace locks. You can also seek their advice on improving security and preventing such cases in future.

Broken Keys in Locks

If a key breaks off inside a lock, it can lead to serious issues. Our emergency locksmith can extract the broken key piece and give you a newly designed key.

Damaged Locks or Door Hardware

Our emergency locksmith can assess the damage and perform necessary repairs or replacements to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on security. 

These are some of the major issues tackled by our emergency locksmiths. They help ensure that your home, business, or vehicle remains protected from thefts and burglaries. 

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