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Keysnlock plays a crucial role in helping home, business, and vehicle owners with contemporary key and lock solutions. We operate in a multifaceted manner and understand the nitty-gritty of security aspects related to residential and commercial properties and vehicles. Each and every Keysnlock locksmith Irving TX is a skilled professional who specializes in various aspects of lock and security systems. 

It may be noted that we hire professionals only after conducting a rigorous background verification check. Our locksmiths have received the relevant licenses and certifications from the established organizations in Texas. 

You can read further about our services in detail. 

Residential Locksmith Services 

Take a look at our residential locksmith services given below.

Residential Locksmith in Irving TX Ai 

Lock Installation 

You can get in touch with our locksmith Irving TX to install new locks whether it’s for a new property or you need to replace the existing locks. They can also offer consultation on the best locks for your home security needs.

Lozkout Services

Our locksmiths help you in case you get locked out of your home. They arrive immediately and use non-destructive methods to unlock the door.

Lock Repair and Replacement

Our house locksmiths can skilfully repair or replace damaged locks, ensuring the security of your home. They are adept at working with various types of modern locks like deadbolts, knob locks, smart locks etc.

Key Duplication

Contact our residential locksmiths to get duplicate keys for your home. They can also create additional keys for your family members. You can also share your concerns regarding keyless entry solutions.

Smart Lock Services

Our locksmiths can install smart locks, which allow you to easily control access to your home remotely with the help of your smartphone or other related devices. You can also avail our maintenance services designed for smart locks. 

Safe and Vault Services

Our locksmiths can assist you with safe and vault installation services. You can also seek assistance for opening and repair of safes. 

Security System Integration

Our locksmiths can integrate home security systems, including door locks, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. This provides you with a complete security solution for your residential property which may be a separate home or an apartment.

Mailbox Locks

You can also avail our mailbox lock services. These include installation, repair, and replacement of mailbox locks to ensure the security of your mail. If you have any specific concerns regarding the mailbox security, the same may be shared with our locksmith Irving TX.

Door Hardware Services

Our experts can install and repair various door hardware, such as door closers, door hinges, and door handles. You can also seek guidance on upgrading door hardware for enhanced security.

Home Security Assessment

Keysnlock professionals undertake an all-inclusive security assessment of your home. Through this in-depth process, they let you know about potential risks that may occur at certain areas in your property. Consequently, they suggest a complete plan to be implemented and that goes well with your specific needs. 

Commercial Locksmith Services 

Business properties need much more robust security arrangements, as they encompass multiple access points. Also, these spaces witness high footfall of employees and staff personnel. Thus, you can reach out to our professionals in case of various services described below. 

Lock Installation

Our locksmith Irving can install new locks for businesses. You can get advice on the best locks for your business security needs.

Lock Repair and Replacement

Our locksmiths can repair or replace damaged locks for commercial doors, windows, gates etc. They can proficiently work with all types of locks, including deadbolts, smart locks etc.

Lockout Services

Our commercial locksmiths provide the modern lockout services to businesses. They help employees, staff members, or any personnel belonging to your commercial space regain access to their premises in case of a lockout situation. 

Key Duplication

Our business locksmith Irving can duplicate keys for various locks. They can also set up a complete master key system and provide keyless entry solutions as per your needs. This helps in access control and minimizing security risks.

Smart Lock Services

Our locksmith in Irving TX can install smart locks for businesses. You can choose the best smart locks after consulting them. They can also help with troubleshooting and maintenance services including updating firmware for smart locks.

Safe and Vault Services

Safes and vaults are required to store confidential material, documents, and much more. You can contact Keysnlock locksmiths for installation, opening, and repair of safes and vaults. If you forget their combinations, our professionals can help you change the same. 

Security System Integration

It is highly recommended to integrate security systems, including door locks, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems, to enjoy a comprehensive security solution. Let our business locksmith Irving TX serve you with custom-made services for the same.  

Door Hardware Services

Seek assistance from our commercial locksmith in Irving TX to install and repair any type of door hardware. 

Access Control Systems

You can get access control systems installed without any hassle. You can also avail services for keyless entries, card readers, and biometric systems, to track or monitor employee access to specific zones within your business property. 

Automotive Locksmith Services 

Take a look at some of the services offered by our auto locksmith in Irving Texas. 

Car Locksmith in Irving TX Ai 

Assistance During Vehicle Lockouts 

Our automotive Irving locksmith can provide immediate assistance in case you get locked out of your vehicle. They unlock the vehicle without causing any damage.

Key Duplication and Replacement

Our automotive locksmiths can duplicate or replace car keys, including traditional metal keys, transponder keys, and smart keys. You can also get new keys programmed as per the security system of your vehicle.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

If your car’s ignition is damaged or not operating properly, our car locksmith Irving TX can assess the case and repair or replace it suitably. They possess the skill to work on various vehicle makes and models.

Car Door Lock Repair and Replacement

If your car door locks are damaged or they are not functioning fine, our locksmith Irving Texas can repair or replace them. They have the expertise to work with different types of door locks, including manual and power locks.

Remote Key Fob Repair and Replacement

If the remote key fob of your car is not working fine, our auto locksmith Irving TX can repair or replace the fob. 

Services for High-Security Lock Systems

If high-security lock systems are installed or built in your vehicle, our locksmith Irving TX can assist you with unlocking, repairing, or replacing the same. They carry all the necessary tools and are specialized in working on the latest security systems.

Vehicle Unlock and Start Services

Sometimes, your vehicle may need to be unlocked or started remotely. This could be when a child or pet is locked inside or the weather conditions are not fine. You can contact our automobile locksmith Irving TX for these services and augment your vehicle’s security.

Apart from these services, you may face other issues for which our locksmiths may be approached. They arrive directly at your location to address your individual needs. This convenience saves you from the complication of transporting your vehicle to a workshop.

Emergency Locksmith Services 

A Keysnlock emergency locksmith near Irving TX operates all day and night. You can contact them in case of any key and lock issue.

Residential Lockout Services

Our 24 hour locksmith Irving TX provides assistance related to lockouts in homes, thereby helping you regain access to your property. Their non-destructive methods ensure safe unlocking of doors without any damage. However, in a rare scenario, when the situation is worse, they may resort to using destructive methods if none of the techniques work.

Commercial Lockout Services

A Keysnlock commercial locksmith Irving TX assists businesses in Irving and helps them deal with lockout situations. If you or any of your employees or staff members need to regain access in such a case, you can contact our experts for urgent help. This will help you carry out your daily operations without facing any hurdles. 

Automotive Lockout Services

If you are heading on an important meeting or a personal occasion and you face a car lockout issue, contact our emergency locksmiths at that moment. They can execute the latest methodologies to unlock your car without causing any damage. They reach your location swiftly and resolve the issue conveniently so as to let you go ahead with your urgent tasks. 

Burglary and Break-in Repair Services

In case of a break-in or burglary, you must immediately call our emergency locksmiths. They can implement the required measures to secure your property by replacing locks, repairing damage etc. They can also provide advice on taking your security a level up so that such incidents may be prevented in future.

Emergency Lock Repair and Replacement

If a lock gets damaged due to a break-in or any other incident, you can call our local locksmith Irving TX right away to repair or replace the same immediately.  

Safe and Vault Opening

There could be urgent issues and you may need immediate access to your safe or vault. Don’t delay further! Call our safe locksmith Irving TX to open the same without causing damage to the material stored inside.

Key Extraction and Replacement

If you find your key has broken inside a lock, our emergency locksmiths can extract the broken key and share a replacement key with you on-site.

Hence, in case of any emergency situation, don’t forget to give us a call. 

Modern Tools Used by Keysnlock Locksmith Professionals 

All the residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency locksmiths belonging to Keysnlock always carry a well-equipped toolkit at work. This ensures resolving an issue while trying alternative tools, hence relieving you from the stress of facing a key or lock related dilemma. 

Here are some of the major tools used by Keysnlock locksmith professionals. 

  • Key Extractor
  • Tension Wrench
  • Lock Pick guns
  • Key cutting machines
  • Locksmith tools
  • Key decoders
  • Drill bits
  • Key Cutter
  • Plug Spinner
  • Tweezers
  • Hook
  • Pick guns
  • Scope
  • Belt Sander
  • Bench tools
  • Key blank
  • GOSO lock Plug Spinner
  • HPC Blitz
  • Installation templates
  • Lock picks
  • Drill
  • Bypass tools

What are the Benefits of Hiring Locksmith Experts over Performing DIYs? 

You may try to resolve certain issues at your own end. However, contacting a locksmith expert ensures proper assessment of the issue and implementation of a well-planned strategy. 

Here’s why you must consider hiring professional services. 

Experience and Skill

Professional locksmiths possess the necessary skills, training, and knowledge to handle various types of lock and security-related issues. They stay conversant with the latest technologies and techniques. This helps them design efficient and effective solutions, thereby catering to individual needs of various clients in a customized manner. 

24/7 Availability

Many professional locksmiths offer emergency services, which means assistance is available whenever you need it, whether in day or night.

Quality Workmanship

Locksmiths ensure high-quality workmanship whether it is about repairing, replacing, or installing locks and security systems. This guarantees the longevity and reliability of the installed products, as the tasks are handled by industry specialists who have a proven record of serving numerous clients. 


Hiring a professional locksmith certainly saves your time. They can quickly check and analyze the issue and provide an apt solution that goes well with your requirements or preferences. They also have the necessary tools and equipment, and hence, it eliminates the need for you to have them with you.

Security and Safety

Professional locksmiths prioritize security and safety while addressing your lock and key related problems. They can advise and implement the best security solutions to protect your residential and commercial properties and belongings.

Warranty and Guarantee

Professional locksmiths offer warranties or guarantees on their work. This is also valid in case of the products they install. Thus, you stay assured of high-quality services which are designed to be beneficial for you in the long run. 

Liability and Insurance

Reputable locksmiths are often insured. This provides you protection against any unexpected damages or mishaps that might occur during their service. This reduces your financial responsibility and brings peace of mind. 

Customer Service and Support

Hiring a locksmith means getting personalized attention and support throughout the installation, repair, or replacement process. They address your concerns and keep you informed about the progress of work.


Locksmiths come to your location and they are well-equipped or prepared to handle any kind of issue. You need not worry about anything, as they oversee the entire installation, repair, or replacement process. 

Keysnlock also acts as your go-to partner in case of any issue you face in your home, business property, or vehicle. Thus, don’t delay any task further! Reach out to our locksmith professionals and get quick assistance. 

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