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Keysnlock provides high-tech security solutions to clients in Lubbock city in the state of Texas. We are a team of dynamic locksmiths who are specialized in handling their own domains for residential, commercial, automotive, and emergency services. Keysnlock serves as a one-stop platform for all those looking for a professional and well-experienced locksmith Lubbock. 

Our skilled and self-motivated locksmiths offer excellent solutions to resolve any kind of key and lock related complexities that may crop up anytime. Our professionals have been in the industry for a number of years. Leave all your home, business, and vehicle security needs to us, as we serve you with custom-made services and long-term maintenance plans. 

Residential Locksmith Services 

These are some of the most common issues with keys and locks that require the expertise of a home locksmith Lubbock TX. Hence, you can contact our experts in case of such problems.

Residential service by Keysnlock in Lubbock TX


This is when you are not able to enter your home due to lost, stolen, or forgotten keys. Well, the lock may also get jammed. So, call our house locksmiths for instant support

Lost Keys

If you have misplaced your keys and don’t have an additional one, a Keysnlock locksmith Lubbock can help you gain entry and rekey your locks if you need.

Damaged Locks

Locks can become damaged over time. Our Lubbock locksmith can repair or replace the damaged locks to ensure the security of your residential property. 

Broken Keys

No doubt, keys can break off inside the lock. So, our locksmith Lubbock TX can extract the broken piece and provide you with a new key.

Faulty Locks

It might also be the case that your locks fail to work due to internal issues or wear and tear. Thus, you can connect with a Keysnlock house locksmith Lubbock TX to analyze the problem and get the lock repaired or replaced on immediate basis. 

Safe Combination 

Many people have safes installed at home for storing important documents, jewelry, and other valuables. If you need such services or if you already have a safe and have forgotten its combination, you can reach out to a Keysnlock safe locksmith Lubbock for immediate assistance. 

These are some of the many cases when you might need to call a residential locksmith, Lubbock TX. So, don’t forget to contact us. It’s always best to address these issues promptly to maintain the security of your home, and our experts reach your location in no time.

Commercial Locksmith Services 

If you are running a commercial organization, real estate company, retail store etc., you might encounter various key and lock issues. Such scenarios require the services of a commercial locksmith Lubbock Texas. That’s where the role of Keysnlock commercial locksmiths comes into the picture. You can contact us and get all such issues resolved in a jiffy. 

Commercial Locksmith service by Keysnlock in Lubbock TX

Key-related Issues

If your keys get broken or lost, you can call our locksmiths. You may also need copies of keys to be given to other people in your store or company. Seek assistance from our experts for the same. 

Lock Mechanism 

Problems such as jammed keyways, misalignment, and broken internal components can largely impact the security and operations. Get it all fixed by our locksmith near Lubbock TX. 

Misaligned Doors and Locks

There could be doors that don’t align properly with the lock and can prevent it from functioning properly. Thus, you can seek help from our cheap locksmith Lubbock.

Forced Access Attempts

If you have faced an unfavorable situation such as break-in or vandalism, it is important to get the locks repaired or replaced by an expert locksmith in Lubbock. Connect with our team for prompt assistance.

Electronic Lock Troubles

If you are facing issues with electronic access control systems, like key card failures or biometric system malfunctions, it can hamper your normal business operations. Get it all sorted by reaching out to our 24 hour locksmith Lubbock TX.

Automotive Locksmith Services 

There are several issues that might require the specialization of a Lubbock auto locksmith when it is about vehicle keys and locks.

Auto Locksmith service by Keysnlock in Lubbock TX

Call our auto locksmith Lubbock TX if you face any of these issues. 

Key Not Turning in the Ignition

This can occur due to a locked steering wheel, a damaged key, or a worn-out lock cylinder. A Keysnlock car locksmith Lubbock TX handles such situations with utmost ease.

Broken Key in the Ignition

Keys can certainly break due to wear and tear or excessive force. Our car locksmith can help extract the broken piece.

Dead Key Fob

If your key fob is not working properly, it could be due to a dead battery or a programming issue. Our locksmith in Lubbock Texas can assess the situation and take relevant steps to resolve the problem.

Key Not Unlocking the Door

There could be a problem with the key or the lock mechanism. Let our automotive locksmith Lubbock TX check the intensity of such cases and implement relevant measures. 

Lost or Stolen Key

Our locksmith can rekey your locks or provide you with a new set of keys in case they are misplaced or get stolen. 

It’s recommended to consult a professional locksmith to ensure the issue is resolved properly and the security of your vehicle is maintained. Thus, if you are looking for a best locksmith in Lubbock, think no further, and get in touch with our team for immediate help.

Emergency Locksmith Services 

Emergency locksmith services are important for addressing urgent issues that compromise the security of your residential or commercial property or vehicle and of course, leave you stranded for hours. 

Here are some of the major scenarios when you can call our emergency locksmiths for high-end solutions. 


You may already know that one of the most common emergencies is being locked out of your home, car, or business. This can happen due to misplaced keys, faulty or damaged locks, or keys left inside. So, a Keysnlock mobile locksmith Lubbock can help you gain quick access so that you can carry on with your usual tasks. 

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys are misplaced or get stolen, you can contact our emergency locksmiths. They will provide you with rekeying services or may replace your locks to prevent unauthorized access to your property.

Broken Key Extraction

Keys can undoubtedly break off in the lock. Thus, you cannot unlock your door. Our locksmiths can extract the broken piece and make a new key at that time.

Burglary Repairs

After a break-in, it’s important to repair or replace locks to secure your property. Our emergency locksmiths can respond quickly to restore the security of your house, office, or car.

Safe Lockouts

If you are not able to open a safe due to a lost combination or the safe may not be working fine, our locksmiths can resolve the issues without damaging your valuables stored inside.

Security System Failures

There could be massive system failures in case of electronic or smart locks. Hence, you can get locked out. Our locksmiths can troubleshoot and repair these systems or provide temporary solutions for that time until they come up with a strategic plan. 

Damaged Locks

Locks can get damaged due to wear and tear, inclement weather, or tampering. Our emergency locksmiths can repair or replace them to ensure their suitable functioning.

Urgent Rekeying

If you need to change your locks quickly due to security concerns, such as after losing a set of keys or a change in tenancy, our locksmiths can rekey your locks on an urgent basis. Well, such situations can also arise in a commercial property as employees keep changing in a company. So, the commercial door locks can be replaced. 

Our emergency services are always available 24/7 because urgencies can happen at any time. We care for your safety and security. You are recommended to keep our contact number at hand so that no delay happens in connecting with us in times of crisis. 

Why Hire Professional Locksmiths?

You may try dealing with key and lock issues at your home or office on your own. However, there are several benefits to hiring a professional locksmith. 

Following are some of the major advantages:

Years of Experience 

Possessing years of training and expertise, locksmiths operate professionally and can handle a variety of locks and security systems. It does not matter whether they need to install a new security system, fix a broken lock, or open a door, they can analyze the problem area and decide on the best course of action.

24/7 Operations

Many locksmiths provide emergency services, as they operate around-the-clock. This means that if you are locked out of your house, official building, or vehicle at day or night, you can get in touch with them at that very moment. Hence, in an emergency, it can be of big help to you.

Complete Inventory of Tools 

Locksmiths have access to specialized tools and equipment that are made specifically to work with locks in a damage-free manner. This can save you money and time because you won’t have to take a chance on breaking your door or lock trying to fix it yourself.

Licensed and Certified Professionals

Locksmiths are insured, licensed, and certified by recognized organizations that oversee security services or operations in Texas. Professional locksmiths take care of all your requirements.

Security Guidance

Apart from providing modern services, locksmiths can also offer insightful guidance on enhancing the safety of your residence or business property. They can provide you with recommendations for new locks, security systems, and other safeguards for your property. Once you get their suggestion based on your problem areas as well as preferences, they go ahead with executing the same. You can also seek their advice on maintaining vehicle security. 

Thus, hiring a skilled locksmith has various advantages. You may start applying DIY techniques by watching online tutorials, but it can take a lot of time and effort to attempt lock repairs yourself. It may not yield results as you lack the necessary equipment or skills. So, when you contact a well-trained professional locksmith, you can stay assured of proper and timely completion of tasks. We suggest you keep our contact number on speed dial so that you can immediately contact us in case of a problematic situation.

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